Monday, April 01, 2013


Kamusta? Sa pag lalakbay ko samundo ng INTERNET. eto nakita ko. Boboto na si Junjun. Sakto sa eleksyon at sakto din kasi tiwala ako kay Ramon Magsaysay Jr.

eto.. Boboto na si Junjun gawa ng kaibigan kong si Bert Paner. 


episode 1

                                                                           episode 2

                                                                            episode 3

on going episodes yan. parang One Piece lang. :))

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Browsing.. browsing...

I was looking for some stuffs that could some how motivate to pursue on writing.

I tried to browse on the sites I've been through and blogs that i had posted.

It's very nostalgic to read my post from the past years.

I have read one of the monologues that I have spontaneously posted and it's so nice to see

that Anonymous people have read it and left some feedbacks.

I don't know if some friends are just fooling me around by posting comments.

I don't care.

I've seen so many difference between how I think before and how I think now.

Before, I could easily set-up words to construct a what I call "literal masterpiece".

I could easily express my thoughts on writing. To be honest I really find it hard to express

what I wanted to say, what I want you to hear on a small conversation.

Now. I'm getting worse when it comes to writing.. and specially, in-confident when it comes to


I remember my article posted on the Philippine Daily Inquirer which is a total mess for me..

A lot of readers of the page has negative feedback. (ikaw ba naman jay-r papiliin mo ang tao kung i-impeach si gloria o unahin ang mga taong nagugutom!)

I remember those days when I could just easily pull-out the thoughts and boom!

The only problem is I didn't think of what others will say.

Hahahahaha! I remember a line on my favorite band's song.. actually this ain't a line it's almost a verse.

"I want you to see
I'm trying to please
Everyone around me
I'm down on my knees
The stress makes me bleed
It feels like they're all stabbing me"

Why do I need to please the people around me?

It's my life anyway.